Choosing school for intercultural children

In Barcelona there are many schools aimed to the international community that will be present at the upcoming Barcelona ICD through BISA, Barcelona International School Association.

BISA, alongside the English Language Association of Catalonia, presents the round table “Choosing school for intercultural children” moderated by Dr. John Stone, associate professor at Barcelona University. The guests are  Mark Pingitore, President of BISA; Michele Courtright, education consultant and mother of two; and Mrk Freeman, human rights lawyer and also father of two, who will discuss the pros and cons of the different education models from their own point of view.

Through the round table, we’ll learn about the different options for the international community in Barcelona, either if one wants to be part of the local community or if one prefers to smooth the comeback to the foreigner education system.

On the other side, BISA is also responsible for the children’s activities taking place at the Ludoteca. Throughout the day, boys and girls will enjoy storytelling sessions in English, German and French, in addition to other children’s workshops in an intercultural environment where they’ll be able to make new friends.